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Holotome Profile: Sunlock
S2E31 Sunlock Lucas
Spell Information
Aura Yellow
Class Restrictive
Series Information
Users Lucas Casterwill
First Appearance "Chasing Void"
Sunlock is a favored spell of Lucas Casterwill that acts as a pair of handcuffs made up of amber energy. In addition to incapicitating an enemy, Sunlock prevents the casting of spells for a short period, with the captive being unable to blast out of them.


Lucas used the spell to neutralize Sophie Casterwill when his team attacked the Huntik team in the Casterwill Library. Sophie was unable to use Boltflare to get out of the power but was eventually freed by Lok Lambert using the Willblade. Later, Lucas used the spell against one of Wilder's Suits whilst rescuing Lok and Sophie. S2E31

During the battle with the Blood Spiral army at the Fortress of Iron Will, Lucas used the spell alongside Lane's Bristlebind spell to incapacitate a pair of Silent Soldiers. S2E40

Lucas used the spell alongside Kindlestrike against some Silent Soldiers during the final battle at the Blood Spiral Base. However he was then knocked out by Wind. S2E51


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