TCG Profile: Calbolg - Token Card
Card Stats
Deck Good
Attack 1
Defense 1
Hero Type Minor Hero
Type Gaia-Titan
Set Information
Rarity Common
Set ID OAL_099
Card Text
Power Token

(Tokens do not go in your deck. Tokens are put in play by the powers of other cards. When Token leaves play, It is taken out of the game.)

Calbolg OAL-099

Playing Strategies

These Calbolg tokens are brought into play by removing +1 ATK/+1 DEF counter from Gyblog: Earth Father. You can raise an army by using cards such as Chillskin or by using Kilthane: Zhalia's Titan's Armor Up ability or Scarlet: Good Friend's Legendary Boost ability giving your side numerous +1 ATK/+1 DEF counters. You can then use Cherit: Living History to move them onto Gybolg. Then, Build your army of Calbolgs!

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