TCG Profile: Freelancer - Knightly Titan
Card Stats
Deck Good
Attack 3
Defense 3
Hero Type Major Hero
Type Draco-Titan
Set Information
Rarity Common
Set ID SAS-004
Card Text
Power Defender - If I'm in combat, all enemy attacks must be aimed at a single hero or obstacle.
Flavor Text Like the noble knights of old, Freelancer rides out to meet his foes.
SAS 004 Freelancer

Playing Strategies

Freelancer: Knightly Titan's Defender power is a powerful ability utilized by the Huntik Foundation. Since your opponent can take down only one hero in every battle that Freelancer is in, he works really well with cards that let you play more heroes the more allies Freelancer has, the deadlier his power becomes. Action cards that let you put more heroes into Freelancer's zone, like Call for Backup, make it really hard for your opponent to attack. Lok Lambert, Courageous Novice can bring Freelancer into play during combat as well.

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