TCG Profile: Gybolg - Force Of Nature
Card Stats
Deck Good
Attack 4
Defense 3
Hero Type Major Hero
Set Information
Rarity Common
Set ID SAS-006
Card Text
Power Berserker - When I start a combat, add 4 attacks to that combat.
Flavor Text Gybolg's strength comes from the Earth itself.
SAS 006 Gybolg

Playing Strategies

Gybolg: Force of Nature is a very average Titan who is not too strong but not too weak. When he starts a fight his ATK rivals the of Caliban, Dante's Titan but his DEF remains low enough for many titans to still be able to defeat him. Gybolg is a titan that fights best on the front line where his Berserker power can come into play. A perfect replacement is Caliban: Superb Warrior, whose attack is always 8, has 1 def more than Gybolg, has the Forceful ability as well as the possibility to play him from your hand in zone 2 and all without bad costs! Caliban: Dante's Titan is also a good replacement, with 8 attack and 6 defense but each round you have to discard a card or else you must eliminate him.

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