TCG Profile: Hoozoto - Aztec Guardian
Card Stats
Deck Good
Attack 2
Defense 2
Hero Type Minor Hero
Type Meso-Titan
Set Information
Rarity common
Set ID SAS-059
Card Text
Power I get +2 ATK and +2 DEF while I have an object.
Flavor Text For five hundred years, Hoozoto guarded an Azetec king's priceless crown.
SAS 059 Hoozoto

Playing Strategies

Hoozoto: Aztec Guardian is a minor hero with 2 ATK and 2 DEF. That might seem average at first, but his special power makes him a really good choice in Missions like Escape With the Ring of Arc, Retrieve the Ring of Arc, and Control the Idols of Omeed. Anytime Hoozoto is holding an object, like a Golden Idol or the Ring of Arc, he gets an extra 2 ATK and 2 DEF. This makes him a powerful 4 ATK and 4 DEF behemoth of a minor hero capable of dealing with some major heroes and multiple minor heroes before being KO'd.

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