TCG Profile: Storm Gladiator - Wind and Metal
Card Stats
Deck Evil
Attack 3
Defense 3
Hero Type Minor Hero
Type Krono-Titan
Set Information
Rarity Common
Set ID SAS-092
Card Text
Power Unblockable (I can move forward through zones with enemy heroes.)
I come into play exhausted.
Flavor Text Storm Gladiator appears as a motionless pile of armor that animates itself by drawing in nearby air.
SAS 092 Storm Gladiator


Storm Gladiotor is a good warrior minor hero, though you can better use Oddrey 2 - Biological Monster, Bonelasher - Brutal Monster or Redcap - Chaotic Hunter as they do have the same attack and defense as Storm Gladiator and they do have a action and they won't exhaust when they come in play.

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