Hi. You may know me from a bunch of other stuff I´ve written, but here, I kind of may need some help.

You see, I write fanfictions. Basically everything, from horror to comedy, and based on any franchise, be it Huntik or any other cartoon. Now, I know that the Sorrowbond spell is really useful, but since its effect can easily be canceled by the original seeker touching the amulet or artifact, I came up with another spell. Basically a more powerful version of Sorrowbond. It basically causes a Titan to forget anything about their previous seeker, meaning that not even said previous seeker can bond with that Titan simply by touching its amulet. On the other hand, though, this spell also allows for any other seeker to try and bond with this particular Titan. In this regard, it is really useful, as Titans who have spent a long time in the posession of evil seekers to be useful to the Huntik Foundation, such as Rassimov´s Titans, return to the state in which they were before bonding with said seeker. This would allow, say, Zhalia to bond with Titans such as Anubian, since this spell would let Anubian forget about Rassimov, resetting its mentality to before bonding with a seeker. Sure, it would still be difficult, given Anubian´s power and Zhalia´s inexperience with Hecto Titans, but it would be possible.

Now, enough spoilers for my fanfiction (just kidding. Or am I?). I sort of need a name for this spell, even if it´s just to have one. Ok, I´m sure I´m the only one still visiting this website on a daily basis, but still, if there is someone out there with a good idea, I´m happy to hear it. :)

Kartoffelkamm (talk) 18:20, December 16, 2016 (UTC)

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