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Holotome Profile: Teknonomicon
Artifact Information
Item Type Tome
Source Reverse-engineered from the Holotome
Series Information
User(s) The Organization
First Appearance "Into the River of Secrets"
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The Teknonomicon is a black tome used by the Organization. The Teknonomicon was invented by Klaus through reverse engineering the Huntik Foundation's Holotome. OAL-022 Like the standard Holotome, this device provides stat and ability information on Titans as well as data on locations and spells. The device appears only to be given to high ranking members or selected suits of the Organization as not many members are seen carrying them. The images produced by Teknonomicon are light green.

The audio playback of Rassimov's Teknonomicon seems to have a thick Russian accent, although this is probably specific to his. Grier possesses a similar device, albeit with an orange-yellow display. The audio playback of his tome is not, however, similarly accented. S2E46.

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