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Holotome Profile: Temple of Sun
S2E38 Temple of sun
Location Information
Type Temple
Location Teotihuacan, Mexico
Series Information
Inhabitants Quetzalcoatl (Formerly)
First Appearance "The Titan in the Temple of Sun"
The Temple of Sun is a pyramid-shaped building in Teotihuacan, Mexico, which contained the Ring of the Legendary Titan of Summons, Quetzalcoatl, which could be transformed into the Blue Star to call the scattered Casterwill family members to reunite at the Fortress of Iron Will.


The pyramid was built as part of the city and left behind by many cultures, each trying to erase the history of those before them. It was dedicated to the Quetzalcoatl, a mythical feathered serpent. According to legend, when the sun's path aligned properly with the pyramid, the shadow of the serpent would be cast on the square of the ancient city. S2E38

Teien Casterwill sent the Huntik team on a mission to activate the Blue Star from the temple in order to call the out of hiding in order to fight the Blood Spiral. S2E38

Kiel and his team of Casterwill Hunters pursued the team to the Temple of Sun. While Dante Vale and Sophie Casterwill fought against Kiel outside the temple, Lok Lambert, Den Fears, and Cherit fought against Marduk. Amid the frenzy, Lok was able to invoke the Legendary Titan of Summons, Quetzalcoatl, who was revealed to be the Blue Star. The star was spotted by many of the Casterwills, including Nimue Casterwill, Vivian Casterwill, Lucas Casterwill and Focauld Casterwill. S2E38


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