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Holotome Profile: Temple of Tecobai
S1E25 Temple of Tecobai
Location Information
Type Temple
Location Ecuadorian jungle
Series Information
First Appearance "The Divine Comedy"
The Temple of Tecobai was a lost monument located deep in the Ecuadorian Jungle across a canyon of liquid hot magma. The surrounding forest was inhabited by hostile Ecuadorian natives.


In the mid late 1950s, the lost Temple of Tecobai was discovered by Simon Judeau, Eathon Lambert and Metz who hoped to claim the treasure held there. They were relieved at how easy it had been. However, they were attacked by a tribe of Ecuadorian natives and were forced to flee across the bridge. After the bridge collapses, Metz nearly fell to his death but was saved by Simon who held out his Caliban Amulet for him to clasp. S1E25

Many years later, Simon, now known as the Professor, used the story of him saving Metz at the temple to trick Dante Vale into handing him the Rings of Behemoth and Tao. Dante noted that Metz had told him all about it. S1E25

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