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Holotome Profile: Terrorsight
S2E51 Harrison Terrorsight.png
Spell Information
Aura Red
Class Illusory
Series Information
Users Harrison Fears
First Appearance "Sophie on Trial"

Terrorsight is an illusory spell used by members of the Blood Spiral. It shows an enemy their greatest fear. The victim's eyes also glow as this happens.


Tantras used this spell on Zhalia Moon upon discovering her role as a Huntik Foundation spy. It forced her to drop her Logosbook which Tantras proceeded to pick up and read. S2E39

Harrison Fears used the spell at the Blood Spiral Base during a violent training session with a Silent Soldier. S2E47

Harrison used the spell again during his final battle with his brother, Den Fears. This then gave Powerbonded Antedeluvian an opportunity to defeat Den's Cursed Archer. S2E51

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