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Holotome Profile: Tersly
Tersly 2
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Huntik Foundation
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Series Information
American Voice Actor Jamie McGonnigal
First Appearance "The Legacy of Thor"
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Tersly is a Huntik Foundation Seeker and the loyal assistant of Montehue. Tersly's strengths lie in his work as a researcher and he possesses a wide-stretching knowledge of history and mythology.


At some unknown point, Tersly joined the Huntik Foundation and became an assistant to Montehue.

Eventually, Tersly was visited by Dante Vale and some of his team, who were searching for information on the Hammer of Thor, Mjolnir. Tersly told Dante what he knew, and also about his suspicions of Thor being a seeker, before Dante left. Later, Montehue returned to the museum where Tersly worked and managed to get Tersly to tell him about Dante and his team's mission for the hammer of Thor, and the two left to join them. They caught up with them on the Rainbow Bridge in Iceland, where Tersly used Venadek while Montehue used his axes to help fight off Frost Minions. They all then proceeded to enter the Temple of Thor and follow one of the guardians of Thor. S1E07


Although Tersly is quite intelligent, he possesses no street smarts, and little fighting ability. He tends to interrupt romantic times to talk of his research work without noticing his being inopportune, with his bad timing being noticed especially by Zhalia Moon as well as Lok Lambert. S1E23 He tends to be very goofy and naïvely innocent. He also fears anything which has the potential to hurt him. His passions include both Celtic and Norse mythology and his scientific research. He can also be quite cowardly when fighting with the other Seekers. source?


As a Seeker, Tersly is capable of using spells and invoking Titans, although he is not a very powerful Seeker. He also has extensive knowledge, particularly that of Celtic and Norse mythology.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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