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Holotome Profile: Tests of Sir Lancelot
Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot 5
Trap Information
Class Casterwill Trap
Subject Guarded Amulet of Cavalier
Findshape spell
Series Information
Users Sir Lancelot
First Appearance "Memory Lane"

This is the final trap created by Sir Lancelot to guard his Titan, Cavalier, and the coded instructions for the Findshape spell.


This series of tests was created to mirror the challenges faced by Sir Lancelot on his quest for the Holy Grail. Choosing the wrong option would result in crossbow bolts being fired from near the ceiling.

The first test takes the form of a pedestal with an Amulet placed on it. When Lok Lambert saw the Amulet, Dante Vale commented that one of his Titans which one? was missing, revealing that the Amulet actually belonged to him. Lok, not wanting to unwittingly steal from his friend, passed up the Amulet and thus proceeded to the next test.

The second test presented two tables, one filled with food and the other filled with money. Both of these were passed up to progress to the next test how did they arrive at that conclusion?.

The third test presented an illusion of the Seeker's enemy who? tied to a column with two swords placed in front. This test was passed through refusing to attack.

The fourth and final test presented an illusion of Lady Guinevere, representing when Sir Lancelot fell in love with King Arthur's wife and subsequently fell from grace. Guinevere's hand was kissed by whom?, permitting the final test to be passed.

Through passing all of the tests, Dante's team was able to find the resting place of Cavalier's Amulet and instructions for the Findshape spell.

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