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"The Amulet Seekers"
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Book Information
Author Frank J. Martucci
Publisher Fabbri Editori
Release Date November 19, 2008
Pages 408
Italian Title "I Cercatori di Amuleti"
"The Blood Spiral"

The Amulet Seekers (titled I Cercatori di Amuleti in Italy) is a novel written by Frank J. Martucci, based on Season 1 of Huntik: Secrets & Seekers. It was published by Fabbri Editori and was released in Italy on November 19, 2008.


Lok Lambert is a young boy passionate about puzzles who attends the Preparatory Academy in Venice. One day, with his friend Sophie, he finds a diary and a pendant that belonged to his father, Eathon, a scholar who disappeared years ago in obscure circumstances.

This new discovery puts him on the road of the Seekers: explorers divided into factions scattered around the world who compete for the control of Amulets, objects created by ancient civilizations to invoke the Titans, magical creatures endowed with extraordinary powers...

After hard training, Lok also becomes a Seeker. With his friends, he goes in search of the Ancient Amulet of Will, on a journey full of danger and twists which will lead him to battle against the malicious members of the Organization, a terrifying society which plans to dominate the world...


  • The novel was released prior to the first broadcast of Season 1, making it the first piece of published media in the franchise.