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"The Beautiful Trap"
Season 1, Episode 11
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"The Treasures of the
"Like Father, Unlike Son"
Production Information
Air date UK: January 14, 2009
US: March 14, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "La trappola delle illusioni"
Series Information
Locations Madea Island
Aegean Sea
New Information
Titans Madea
Spells Powerstride
Thoughtspecter (tablet)
Magical Traps Cristine
Madea Island pupils
Madea Island teacher
Old island inhabitant
Young island inhabitant

Velos, Greece

The Huntik team launches into a new mission: finding mythical Argo, Jason and the Argonauts' ship.

Stavropolous River
Dante and the others use their powers and Titans to make the sunken wreck resurface, but this weakens them. DeFoe and Grier ambush the Huntik team, but our heros manage to defeat them and find Jason's logbook.


While resting and relaxing in Greece, the Seekers await further instructions from Guggenheim. They Don't have to wait to long before Guggenheim sends them off on their next mission. They must use the map they recovered from the wreck and go out to sea. To do this they are given one of the most up to date Foundation boats in order to complete their mission. The heroes follow the journey of the Argo, finding it to be as eventful as the original myth.


On route to the Aegean Sea, a vine appears all over the ship. The ship's engine suffers damage, and the team have to make repairs. The island they land at is called Madea, which is also the name of the woman who leader.

Grier in his new position awaits orders form Organization Central. DeFoe, plots to steal the Amulets from the Organization, but is discovered by Grier who deals with him then orders the Suits off to the Aegean.

Madea and the other women help Dante by offering herbs to help Metz, Sophie discovers one of them used to serve the Casterwills, showing her a Library of secrets, that and Lok is told about a man carrying a book and puzzle.

All this becomes suspicious to Zhalia Moon who uses the Holotome to try to discover what is really going on. It turns out that the whole thing is an illusionary trap. She discovers the source of the illusions and the team begin to realize the deception. Dante attacks Madea and eventually finds the Amulet, however, he is unsure of the risk of bonding with it. For safety he sends it to the Huntik Foundation for analysis.

At the same time, the Professor orders Grier to dispose of DeFoe. Grier is given a troop of Suits and returns to Sutos (which is in a civil war), his home in the in the Aegean Sea.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Madea
Attack 2
Defense 1
Type Krono-Titan Enchanter
Size Average
Special Ability Project Illusion
Spellbinding Charm
Madea Icon.jpg
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