For the faction, see Blood Spiral.

"The Blood Spiral"
Season 2, Episode 32
S2E32 Shauna Rassimov Wind Dante Silent Soldier
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"Chasing Void"
"Den Vs Harrison"
Production Information
Air date April 24 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Mission Recover Void
Locations Casterwill Library
Huntik Italian HQ
Klaus' bookshop
New Information
Characters Silent Soldiers
Titans Harlekin
Powerbondings Powerbonded Caliban
Spells Bladecall
Earthrift (unnamed)
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Prague, The Czech Republic

The Huntik team faces off against Lucas Casterwill, Sophie's brother. They come to an understanding and help find the missing Amulet of Void. Zhalia's plan lets them trick the Organization into revealing its location in Klaus' library. Lucas explains the history of the Betrayer, who tried to summon the Nullifiers in the past.


The Huntik team return to the lab of their old enemy, Klaus, where they face heavy resistance from Wilder and his team. However, both factions are soon ambushed by an even more deadly threat, the Blood Spiral...


After receiving help from Klaus, whom Zhalia turn back from stone with King Basilisk, the Huntik team continue their quest to recover the amulet of Void. At Klaus's Bookstore, The Organization led by Wilder ambush the team and a fight follows. The team defeat them and, with assistance from Springer, make their way down into the vault. They are ambushed again by Stack and Dark Dryad, but Lok manages to recover Void's Amulet from the vault. However, an terrifying warning from Eathon Lambert tells Lok that something terrible is going to happen.

Both Factions are startled when another group arrives to claim Void: The Blood Spiral Brotherhood. Led by their old enemy Rassimov, the Blood Spiral are extremely powerful, defeating the Organization easily. After being overpowered by Rassimov and the Amulet of Archwarder destroyed, it looks like the end for Dante.

With one final chance, he calls on Caliban, powerbonding with the Titan and fighting back against the Spiral's powerful forces. However Shauna overpowers Lok and claims the Amulet of Void. Victorious, the Spirals leave, burning Klaus' base to the ground in the process, with the team barely make it out alive. Zhalia is saddened at the loss of her only real home growing up while Dante must make a full report to the Huntik council. Lok and Sophie inform Lucas Casterwill of what has happened.


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