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"The Carnival of Deception"
Issue 5
Comic 5 The Carnival of Deception Cover
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"The Treasures of Alexandria"
"Island of the Titans"
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Directed by Iginio Straffi
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Locations Dante Vale's house
Venice, Italy
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Titans Shifter

The Carnival of Deception is the fifth comic in the Huntik Comic Series.


It's carnival time in Venice! But not everyone is safe. The Organization are planning something sinister. With a people in masks everywhere, the Huntik team are unsure of what they are up against.

Venice, Italy, nighttime a few policemen are seen guarding, mainwhile Belgrieve is aproaching them. The cops tell the Titan it's under arrest however they get shocked by the titan's monsterious appearance. Then Ryder knock's them out. Ryder summons his new Shifter titan and Gregor and Ford decide to continue with the plan. The next day at Dante's house Sophie shows Dante, Zhalia and Cherit her carnival mask then Lok appears with a costume for Cherit. Street's of Venice, the carnival has started and many people are seen. Lok is walking though Venice and suddenly Ford appears before him, however due to too many people, he doesn't start a fight. Ford tells Lok that he will leave Venice quite soon and that he will miss it, and then leaves Lok by going into the crowd, Lok decides to tell the rest of the team about this. Mainwhile Dante and Zhalia are talking and the Holotome is beeping and the team comes together. Dante uses the Holotome to trace Ford.


  • Among the many people participating in carnival a Superman and Ironman can be seen among others.
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