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"The Casterwill Connection"
Season 2, Episode 37
S2E37 Dante Den Sophie Focauld Power Amplifier
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"Boys Will Be Seekers"
"The Titan in the Temple of Sun"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 02, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "L'alleanza dei Casterwill"
Series Information
Mission Defend The Cloisters
Locations The Cloisters
Huntik International HQ
New York, USA
New Information
Characters Focauld Casterwill
Titans Bazela's Insect
Midnight Rook
Spells Abyssalfall
Items Power Amplifier
Venice, Italy:

Den joins the Huntik Team to replace Zhalia but is not ready to be a hero. Meanwhile, his brother, Harrison, is training to be a Blood Spiral and is getting strong. Den runs away from the Foundation and is attacked by the Spirals. The Huntik Team saves him while Zhalia protects Harrison and proves herself to the Spirals.


Kiel and his team of Casterwill Hunters attack Focauld Casterwill, the keeper of knowledge. In order to stop them from recovering the secrets of the Casterwill family's whereabouts, Focauld contacts Teien who reveals to the Huntik Foundation Council that she is a member of the Casterwill family. The Huntik team, with Santiago and LeBlanche, are sent out to save Focauld but Kiel and his team have already entered the Cloisters. The race is on to save the Cypherdex crystal containing all the known locations of the Casterwill family.


While the Huntik Council discusses the recent problems, the masked female member of the Council dressed in kimono reveals herself to be Teien Casterwill, and asks for help to save the Casterwill refuge in the Cloister. Dante, Lok, Sophie, Cherit and Den are in Manhattan, and so their are entrusted with this case. At the Cloister, the elderly Casterwill Focauld is very stubborn, facing down the Blood Spirals. Kiel and Mudrock attack, and our heroes are forced to flee to the roof. They fight the Blood Spiral members, with LeBlanche and Santiago helping the Huntik Foundation on the jet, using the new Power Amplifier to help Sophie flatten the area. Lok takes the Cypherdex Crystal and they run away. Focauld thinks that Sophie should stay with the Huntik Foundation and forget the Casterwill's mission, but Dante says they'll take this issue to Huntik Council itself.



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