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Holotome Profile: The Cloisters
S2E38 Cloisters Focauld.png
Location Information
Type Casterwill family base
Location New York City, New York
Series Information
Inhabitants Focauld Casterwill
First Appearance "The Casterwill Connection"

The Cloisters were a Casterwill base in New York were Focauld Casterwill guarded the secrets of the Casterwill family. The base was disguised under the front of a museum to allow Focauld to remain in hiding from the Blood Spiral.


Once the Blood Spiral discovered the location of the Cloisters, they sent their Silent Soldiers to recover the Casterwill secrets. Upon realizing that a whole army had been sent to the Cloisters, Focauld contacted Teien Casterwill, the liaison with the Huntik Foundation, with a distress call. Meanwhile, Focauld used Knowledgelock to transfer the Casterwill secrets into a crystal for safekeeping. Dante Vale's team arrived to defend the knowledge within the Cloisters from Kiel and his Casterwill Hunters. Due to some quick thinking by Sophie Casterwill, who had LeBlanche and Santiago target the Cloisters with the power of Kindlestrike from the plane, the crystal was safe, though the Cloisters suffered heavy damage from the fight. S2E37

Focauld was at the Cloisters when he witnessed the Blue Star, calling together the Casterwill family. S2E38


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