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"The Dead Magic Island"
Season 2, Episode 44
S2E44 Montehue Tersly Huntik team.png.png
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"Lok's Leadership"
"The Phoenix's Ashes"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 16, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "La Sorgente di Anti-Magia"
Series Information
Mission Rise from the Ashes
Locations Blood Spiral Base
Phoenix Volcano
New Information
Titans Shadow Kuolit
Spells Powerlock
Items Lodestone
Magical Traps Stone Golems

Lok leads the Huntik team in a mission to Romania to capture the wild Titan, Antedeluvian. However, Harrison has already bonded to the Titan, and is waiting for them. Lok fails to invoke Pendragon to save them but, luckily, Dante returns from his secret training in time, defeating Tantras with a new power, Copykind.


The Huntik team set off to find the Legendary Titan, Phoenix. With Montehue and Tersly by their side, things look pretty simple. But a powerful stone, the Lodestone, is preventing them from using any powers and Titans within the area of the Phoenix's volcano.

With Wind and Shauna already at the volcano and a pack of Casterwill Hunters set up to slow them down, how will the Huntik team ever catch up?


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