Mission: The Floating Ruin
S2E48 Tir na Nog Holotome
Mission Information
City County Kerry, Ireland
Location Tír na nÓg
Objectives Uncover the treasure of Tír na nÓg
Series Information
Members Dante Vale
Den Fears
Lok Lambert
Sophie Casterwill
Scarlet Byrne
Episode "Back Home"
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The Floating Ruin was a Huntik Foundation mission assigned to Scarlet Byrne who enlisted the help of Dante Vale and his team whilst they were taking refuge at the Lambert house in County Kerry, Ireland. Walking to an empty valley, they journeyed into the magical castle of Tír na nÓg, which appears in moonlight. There, they fought and recovered its treasures, Firbolg, the Fierce Giant, and Dullahan, the Headless Knight. S2E48
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