Mission: The Golem of Prague
The Golem of Prague Mission
Mission Information
City Prague, Czech Republic
Location Prague Central Cemetery
Road of Alchemists
Objectives Reach the Prague Central Cemetery
Find and access Jodis Lore's Tomb
Gather clues about the golem
Series Information
Members Dante Vale
Lok Lambert
Sophie Casterwill
Zhalia Moon
Episode "Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"
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The Golem of Prague was a mission assigned to Dante Vale in to investigate the golem in Jodis Lore's tomb in Prague Central Cemetery. After dark, the team, including first-time member Zhalia Moon, went to Central Cemetery and unlocked a secret passageway in Jodis Lore's tomb. Although the Organization claimed Jodis Lore's Key, Dante Vale's team managed to create a copy of the key and to set a trap in Jodis Lore's chamber on the Road of Alchemists. After another confrontation with the Organization members, Lok finally began to realize his Seeker powers. The golem of the legend was discovered to be the Titan, Metagolem, and Dante Vale secured the amulet when he managed to bond with this Titan.

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