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Holotome Profile: The Oracle
S1E20 Oracle young
Biographical Information
Place of Residence Greece
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Bald (previously brown)
Eye Color Blue
Series Information
First Appearance "The Unseen Guide"

The Oracle was a wise man suffering from an unspecified magical curse who was residing in a cave with Lich, deep underground near the Greek coast. He had considerable knowledge on the whereabouts of Atlantis.


Eathon Lambert fell into the cave and discovered the Oracle in a decrepit state whilst on his quest to find the ancient Amulet of Will. Eathon had hoped to find a wise man who could point him in the right direction of Atlantis. After helping to revive him, Eathon promised to return with a cure for his curse and protected his cave with a magical force barrier. S1E20

Ten years later, just like his father, Lok Lambert fell down the hole and into the Oracle's cave. After defeating Lok's Freelancer, the Oracle grabbed Lok. After realising who Lok was and that he had fallen through the barrier with Eathon Lambert's journal, the Oracle, now in his young man form, revealed that the entrance to Atlantis lay at the Temple of Poseidon before passing on Eathon's message, "those things most precious are often hidden in plain sight". S1E20


The extent of the Oracle's abilities is unknown but Freelancer was defeated simply by touching him whilst his magic was enough to floor Lok.



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