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Holotome Profile: The Organization
Organization Insignia.jpg
Group Information
Aliases Organization
Founder The Professor
Leader(s) The Professor (formerly)
Wilder (formerly)
Headquarters Organization Central
The Professor's castle
Tome Teknonomicon
Purpose Dominate the world
Uncover the Legendary Titans
Series Information
First Appearance "A Seeker Is Born"
Last Appearance "Rassimov's Secret"

The Organization, which was formed in the year 1959, is one of the primary adversaries of the Huntik Foundation. The Organization's goal is to dominate the world through subterfuge, strong-arm tactics, and raw, brutal power.


Simon Judeau, under the mysterious alias of "the Professor," left the Huntik Foundation and founded the Organization practically overnight in 1959 through the use of Araknos' mind control abilities. S1E24 The Organization was led from his headquarters, Organization Central, in Prague, Czech Republic, and was used as a front to further his evil ends of seeking out the Legendary Titan of Immortality, Overlos. source?

After the fall of the Professor, the Organization was taken over and led by Wilder, who always used dirty tricks and hated to get his hands dirty. S2E27

Grier later took over the Organization by taking Wilder as a hostage on Sutos Island. Grier believed in order more then dominance and was a very honorable man, so the current goals of the Organization may have changed. S2E46


DeFoe, Grier, and Rassimov were once among the Organization's top operatives under the Professor, attacking wherever and whenever the Professor wished. The Organization scientist, Klaus, created the Teknonomicon. After the Professor's defeat, two top Organization members, Stack and Hoffman, served Wilder.

A typical Organization operative is underhanded, ruthless, and cruel. He or she follows orders as long as it's advantageous but will quickly betray any leader who shows weakness. Organization teams are often held together by a sense of profit and opportunity.


Most operatives tend to rely on two major Titans, Redcap and Mindrone, though Jokoul, Enforcer, Bonelasher, and Strix are often used by higher-up Suits. The basic spell many Organization operatives rely on most is Augerfrost.