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"The Phoenix's Ashes"
Season 2, Episode 45
S2E45 Sophi3 6.png
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"The Dead Magic Island"
"An Ally from the Organization"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 17, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Le ceneri di Phoenix"
Series Information
Mission Rise from the Ashes
Locations Casterwill townhouse
Phoenix Volcano
New Information
Titans Lilith the Queen
Spells Fireport

The Huntik team joins Montehue and Tersly for a mission to recover the Casterwill Titan, Phoenix. But powers and Titans cannot be used because of the Lodestone, and the Blood Spirals have a head start. Lok destroys the Lodestone, and Dante plans to ambush the Spirals before they realize magic can be used again.


The team continues on their mission with Montehue and Tersly. They come up with a plan to take out the Silent Soldiers guarding the volcano's entrance. While Montehue and Tersly hold off the guards, Dante, Lok, Den, and Sophie face off against Wind and Shauna. Sophie knows she must face her fears as the lava calls for her to dive in.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Phoenix - Legendary Titan of Rebirth
Attack 6
Defense 4
Type Legendary Sorcerer
Size Large
Special Ability Firewall
Phoenix Icon.jpg


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