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"The Power of Kronos"
Issue 17
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Directed by Iginio Straffi
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Characters Michel Casterwill
Viktor Casterwill
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The Power of Kronos is the seventeenth issue of the comic series and also the penultimate comic to be released.


The Huntik team launched an attack on Dr. Benway, but in the confrontation both Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill were sent back in time by the Legendary Titan of time, Kronos.


  • There used to be a scene where Kronos did defeat both Sabriel and Baselaird, but this idea was scrapped because this comic was set in Season 2 where Baselaird and Sabriel would both have been Powerbonded thus not working with the storyline.
  • The cover of the magazine changed before the release in order that the magazine could support the new Second Series.
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