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"The Power of Umbra"
Season 2, Episode 42
S2E42 Dante Den Sophie Lok Cherit Umbra.png
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"Gremlow Infestation!"
"Lok's Leadership"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 11, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Il potere di Umbra"
Series Information
Mission Cortés' Vault
Locations Baja California, Mexico
Hernán Cortés' vault
New Information
Characters Galen
Titans Grand Facade
Kaioh the Tracker
Spells Trapcage

Following Lok's father's clues, the Huntik team investigates the legend of the Pied Piper. Looking for the Casterwill family Titan, Umbra. Lok and Guggenheim defeat a monstrous swarm of Gremlow Titans, and Sophie uncovers the Pied Pipe itself. Meanwhile, Dante finds another secret under the Sea of Cortés.


The Huntik team regroup in California as they dive down into Hernán Cortés' vault in search of Umbra the Shadow Jaguar, the Legendary Titan of Dimensions. However, a fight breaks out, forcing Dante to pull out all the stops.


Motorbike Chase

Dante waits for the Huntik team in Baja, as Lok, Den, Cherit and Sophie travel in an old Foundation plane. Dante sees the Organization Suits are also waiting. As they take off on motorbikes, he swiftly enters pursuit. As the Suits attack the plane, Lok and Den exit the plane with Featherdrop, also on motorbikes. The team attack from behind and above, defeating the Suits.

Friendly Hosts

The Huntik team drive into the dessert where they are greeted by Galen and Teeg, friends of Dante. After a lovely dinner, the team plan for their mission, Cortés' Vault., recover the Legendary Titan of Dimensions, Umbra the Shadow Jaguar. Later, Den sits outside alone where Teeg befriends him and tells him to break a rock in two. As he makes Den picture the whole stone, he gives him the Amulet of Kaioh the Tracker who can locate hidden objects.

The Underwater Vault

The team dive down to the Hernán Cortés' vault where following Nostradamus' quatrain, they realise they must use the Pied Pipe to charm Conquistador into disabling the barrier from within. Before they can try, they are ambushed by Wilder and his team, who reveal they found the cave's location in the Organization's extensive data archive. Taking them hostage, Wilder forces the team to charm Conquistador and forces them into the vault, making Dante climb the jaguar monolith first. Seeing an opportunity, Dante sets off the traps, causing a chain reaction and giving the team the chance to fight back. Wilder summons a new Titan, Grand Facade, whose armor is impossible to penetrate with Powerbonded Caliba. Lok and Kipperin desperately try to find the Ring while Den and Sophie fight Hoffman and a Suit. Summoning Kaioh the Tracker, Den tells him to find the real Ring from the selection of fake Amulets. As Cortés' traps demobilize the team, Dante uses Stopglue to stop Grand Facade from moving and Caliban hits his back, defeating him. Kaioh finally manages to point to the Ring, which Dante grabs before jumping from the monolith.

The Shadow Jaguar

The Huntik team regroups but soon realize Cherit has dropped the Pied Pipe and that Conquistador is now after them as they have Umbra. The Organization blocks the exit with rocks before fleeing, leaving the exhausted Huntik team trapped with Conquistador who defeats their remaining Titans. Seeing no other option, at the final moment, Dante summons Umbra, who teleports them all back to Teeg and Galen's house. To the team's surprise, Umbra's energy drains away, as Dante reveals Umbra is permanently weakened whenever he teleports others. He plans to only use Umbra's power one more time, when they find the Spiral Mark.


  • The book that Dante gives to Teeg is titled Fish Beyond a Doubt.
  • While cooking, Teeg is listening to the show's opening theme tune on his earphones.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Conquistador
Attack 6
Defense 5
Type Meso-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Special Ability Relentless Guard
Conquistador Icon.jpg
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