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Holotome Profile: The Professor's castle
S1E10 Professors Castle.jpg
Location Information
Type Castle
Levels 2
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Series Information
Inhabitants The Professor (formerly)
Rassimov (formerly)
Wilder (formarly)
Eathon the dog
First Appearance "The Beautiful Trap"

The Professor's castle is the castle where the Professor used to live. In addition to Organization Central, the Professor's castle was, and remained, one of the principle bases of the Organization.


The Huntik team went to the Professor's castle in response to an invitation from the Professor, though they figured this invite to be a trap. Tricked by the Professor, Dante Vale parted with the Rings of the Legendary Titans Behemoth and Tao. S1E25 Though confronted with Overlos, the Legendary Titan of Immortality, the Huntik Foundation defeated the Professor due to some quick thinking on the part of Lok Lambert and betrayal from Rassimov. S1E26

After recruiting help from Grier, the Huntik team returned to the Professor's castle in order to recover Organization files about Rassimov. Unable to ally with the new head of the Organization, Wilder, Grier took Wilder to Sutos Island and took control of the Professor's castle as the new leader of the Organization. S2E46


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