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"The Sceptre Deception"
Season 1, Episode 15
S1E15 team sceptre
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"All Work and No Pay"
"The Bookshop Hunter"
Production Information
Air date UK: January 18, 2009
US: June 20, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "L'inganno dello scettro"
Series Information
Mission The Tomb of Nefertiti
Locations Tomb of Nefertiti
New Information
Spells Doublespell
Neverlost (mentioned)
Items Sceptre of Nefertiti
Eathon Lambert's puzzle
Venice, Italy: Sophie Casterwill's house

The Organization has blocked Sophie's accounts, and she can't finance the Huntik team in the search for the Amulet of Will anymore, but Dante manages to get the tickets to leave anyway.

Valley of the Kings, Egypt
The Huntik team must enter the Tomb of Nefertiti in order to discover the Organization's mysterious plans.


The team takes on a mission that Guggenheim makes official: The Tomb of Nefertiti . They retrieve the map, but Zhalia Moon plays them right into the Organization's hands. Will the Organization get the sceptre - which is the key to conquering the world?


Dante Vale comes up with a plan to gain access to the Tomb of Nefertiti; While Dante and Sophie set the site's explosive sack to blow, Lok and Zhalia manage to steal a map of the tomb. Zhalia tells Lok about her childhood as an orphan living on the streets until a man, Klaus, gave her a chance to escape that life. Zhalia recieves secret orders from Klaus just before the team enters the tomb. After enter the tomb the team encounters a trap but are able to escape thanks to Springer; and Lok finds a hidden passage detailed in his father's journal. The Organization ambushes are heroes and they are forced to split up; following the hidden passage Lok find a room with a message from his father on the wall, that lets him find his father's puzzle in a secret compartment. The team regroup at the sceptre's chamber and make their way pass a mathmatical trap and attain the Sceptre of Nefertiti. As they are leaving the tomb the are confronted by Klaus and his men and a fight breaks out; Dante throws the sceptre into the water so the team can escape but Klaus retrieves the sceptre. Back at their camp, Dante reveals he placed a tracker on the sceptre so they can track Klaus back to his lair.


  • This is the only episode of Season 1 that does not see any new Titans introduced.


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