Mission: The Seer's Tower
The Seer's Tower
Mission Information
Location Salon Museum
Salon, France
Objectives Intercept the Organization
Prevent them from raiding Nostradamus' observatory
Series Information
Members Dante Vale
Lok Lambert
Sophie Casterwill
Zhalia Moon
Episode The Tower of Nostradamus
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The Seer's Tower was a mission assigned to Dante Vale by Metz to investigate Organization activity in Salon, France, in Nostradamus' tower. After evading an Organization aircraft's seeker missiles and destroying the plane, the Huntik Team is able to free the hostages from the museum, Peter, Billie and another female operative. The team, making use of Nostradamus' magic and Sentry Triclops Titans, is able to expel the Organization members, headed by Wilder, from the tower in order to secure Nostradamus' looking glass and the next clue to the island of Avalon. S2E28
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