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"The Showdown"
Gamebook 2
The Showdown.png
Book Information
Author Frank J. Martucci
Publisher Fabbri Editori
Release Date Cancelled
May 01, 2010 (planned)
Pages 160
Italian Title "La Resa dei Conti"
"The City of Atlantis"
"Prophecy or Legend?"

The Showdown (titled La Resa dei Conti in Italy) was the second gamebook based on Huntik: Secrets & Seekers, following The City of Atlantis. Written by Frank J. Martucci, it was intended to be published by Fabbri Editori on 1st May, 2010, but was ultimately never released.


Lok, Sophie and Dante are preparing for a dangerous new mission, which will lead them to the gates of Prague Castle. But this time, the end will be decided only by the readers...

The protagonists of Huntik are back in bookstores with a new gamebook, a story that allows players to continue according to their choices, one crossroad after another.