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"The Spiral Mark"
Season 2, Episode 50
S2E50 Dante Phoenix Umbra space.png
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"Words from Eathon"
"Lok and the Betrayer"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 25, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Il marchio della spirale"
Series Information
Locations Blood Spiral Base
Spiral Mark,
Siberian Plateau
New Information
Characters Champion of Casterwill (flashback)
Elder daughter of Casterwill (flashback)
Elder son of Casterwill (flashback)
Younger daughter of Casterwill (flashback)
Younger son of Casterwill (flashback)
Spells Camoforge

The longest night of the year begins at sundown, and the Huntik team races against time to find the Spiral Mark. Eathon appears to Lok and tells him how to find Nostradamus' last quatrain. As Rassimov invokes Void to activate the Mark, Zhalia alerts Dante, who brings the whole team with Umbra's power.


Lok, Sophie and Dante face Rassimov and the Blood Spiral. Their attack on the Spiral Mark seems successful, until the spectral presence of the Betrayer reveals his diabolical plan, and the truth about the Red Comet.


Legion's Return

As Den leaves the team to find Harrison Lok, Sophie and Dante take on Rassimov. While Dante and Rassimov have a final fight, Lok and Sophie are left to face Legion. Remembering what happened to Lindorm, the pair agree to use fast titans who are less likely to get grabbed, they summon Dendras and Feyone. Despite all their efforts Legion proves himself to be a formidable enemy defeating even Powerbonded Baselaird. Determined to save their Titans, Lok destroys Legion's amulet with the Willblade and the team watch as myriads of titans absorbed over the centuries are released back to the Spirit World.

The Betrayer's Deception

With Rassimov defeated, the team race to the mark with Phoenix but are delayed by Wind and Shauna who invokes Lilith the Queen. Dante responds with Caliban. Lok races head and plunges the Willblade into the surface. To the team's surprise this only helps activate it. The Betrayer reveals how he faked the last quatraines of Nostradamus and how Lord Casterwill sealed the mark with the Willblade. Lok is torn and loses all hope.

Dante realizes how the Red Comet is set to destroy the Casterwill family and the Huntik Foundation and return the Nullifiers in one dreaded strike. Sophie tries her hardest to disengage the ritual but in vain. The team get another surprise when Rassimov announces that he will stop the comet and invokes Void.

Rassimov's True Intention

The team realize that Rassimov seeks to take control of the unlimited power and use it for himself. They let him leave with Void but despite Rassimov's efforts it is a failure and Rassimov is vaporized in the process. With Caliban defeated by a Hopeshatter from Shauna, Dante tells Sophie that there is only one chance: that he takes it out himself.

Dante's Farewell

Dante summons Umbra for the last time and bids farewell to Sophie who sends Phoenix with him. Despite Wind's and Shauna's efforts to stop Dante he teleports. As the three hover in the upper atmosphere Dante invokes Maelstrom, and together, using Copykind, they absorb the comet's energy. Down below the Betrayer and the other Spiral members cry in anger while Sophie grieves over Dante's death.


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