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"The Titan in the Temple of Sun"
Season 2, Episode 38
S2E38 Kiel Sophie flames
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"The Casterwill Connection"
"Sophie on Trial"
Production Information
Air date UK: May 03, 2012
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Il Tempio del Sole"
Series Information
Mission Call of the Casterwill
Locations Huntik International HQ
Temple of Sun
Teotihuacan, Mexico
New Information
Titans Balenpyre
Spells Firestorm
Items Blue Star
New York City, USA

Casterwill elder Focauld is under attack by Kiel's deadly Blood Spirals. Dante and the Huntik team are sent to the Cloisters to rescue him. In the heat of battle, Sophie is forced to prove herself to the surly Focauld, saving everyone. However, Focauld is too stubborn to welcome Sophie into the Casterwill family secrets.


Dante, Lok, Den, and Sophie meet with the Huntik Council. The Casterwill Elder, Teien, asks them to find and activate the Blue Star to signify the meeting of Casterwill Elders. Lok activates the signal as Dante and Sophie hold off Kiel, but Kiel reveals he was the one who destroyed her home when she was young.


The Forest

Dante, Sophie and Lok venture through the forest looking for Den , who has been captured by the Blood Spirals. Lok thinks that he may have gotten lost, but Dante realises they are being hunted as Marduk and Kiel watch from above. Meanwhile, Rassimov speaks with the the main members of the Blood Spiral, Shauna, Wind, and Tantras, saying that the events towards their goals have been set in motion. On the longest the night of the year, the world shall burn, leaving only the faithful Blood Spirals. Shauna loses her temper, but Rassimov releases a burst of energy, both holding her back and reassuring her.

Finding Den

Cherit spots the temple, but Lok is more worried about Den. However, Sophie realizes that Dante has also disappeared. They both see the two Blood Spirals that are watching them from a tree. Kiel and Marduk appear with a helpless Den. But Dante is right above them. Kiel tries to use Rippleburst, but Dante evades it with Touchram. Cherit removes Den's gag, and he escapes with Dragonfist, beating down Marduk at the same time. Everyone is surprised, as no one ever taught him the spell. One of the Casterwill Hunters summons a Harlekin, while Dante responds with Metagolem. Metagolem covers their exit. All of them use Nimblefire, escaping down the cliff. The Blood Spirals follow, but are defeated. Lok uses Kipperin to attack, and Marduk traps Metagolem with Bristlebind. Kiel finishes him off with Enderflame. However, the Huntik team escapes.

The Temple

In the forest, the whole team remembers their previous meeting with the Huntik Foundation Council. Teien told them to activate the Blue Star. Marduk's Midnight Rook spies on them as the team finally arrives at the temple, only to be ambushed by Kiel and Marduk once again. Lok and Sophie venture into the temple, while Dante and Den fight the Blood Spirals. Lok summons Springer to search for hidden locks. He reveals a secret room full of blue fireworks. Den comes in to warn Lok and Sophie about the ambush. They all head out. Dante insists all three of them activate the Blue Star, while he fights the Blood Spirals. Kiel sends out Balenpyre. Sophie decides to head back, much to Lok's dismay.

Summoning of Quetzalcoatl

Dante summons Elf King Oberon to stop Kiel. Kiel tries to enter the temple, but is stopped by Sophie's Boltflare. Sophie summons Enfluxion, a gift from Teien. Kiel responds with Volcana. Lok ignites the small blue monument, revealing a pit. Kiel creates a circle of fire around Sophie. Kiel reveals that he was the one who killed Sophie's parents. Lok and Den start to throw the blue powder in the pit after Lok realizes they have to create a huge blue bonfire, but are ambushed by Marduk. While Lok takes care of him, Den continues to throw in the powder. When Lok and Marduk fall into the pit, Marduk is blasted away as Lok is lifted up into the sky, summoning Quetzalcoatl, who flies up to become the Blue Star. The whole Casterwill family looks up in pleasure as it joins the Red Comet in the sky while Sophie hugs Lok in joy, stating that the Blue Star marked the start of the real battle against the Blood Spiral.


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