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"The Vampire Loses its Fangs"
Season 1, Episode 17
S1E17 Klaus Brahe.jpg
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"The Bookshop Hunter"
"Memory Lane"
Production Information
Air date UK: January 20, 2009
US: July 11, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "I tesori di Dracula"
Series Information
Mission The Titans of Vlad Dracul
Locations Castle of Vlad Dracul
New Information
Characters Lady S. (unnamed)
Titans Antedeluvian
Spells Neverlost

Vienna, Austria

Klaus has managed to lay his hands on the powerful Sceptre of Nefertiti, but Dante has put a tracking device on it in order to locate Klaus in his secret base. The Huntik team follows Klaus and sneaks into a bookshop despite the lethal traps disseminated by Klaus. Dante and the Huntik team manage to recover the mythical Spear of Vlad, but Zhalia is in Klaus' hands.


The Huntik team travel to Romania to recover the Titans of Vlad Dracul. However, Klaus is one step ahead and orders his spy, Zhalia Moon, to eliminate the Huntik team for the good - but can she go through with it?


The Huntik Team went to Vlad Dracul's Castle to find his Titans. Klaus and Zhalia discuss how to get rid of the Huntik Team. After it seemed like Zhalia finished off Lok and Sophie for good,she came face to face with Dante. She remembered her childhood memories and what Dante and Lok have said about her. Finally Zhalia came to her senses and attacked Klaus, but Klaus managed to defeat Dante. When it seemed like all hope was lost Zhalia, came in to rescue Dante and turned Klaus to stone with King Basilisk. At the end of the episode, Dante, Lok, and Sophie discussed Zhalia. Even after that, Zhalia couldn't forgive herself, thus leaving.



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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Antedeluvian
Attack 4
Defense 5
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Special Ability Flight
Power Drain
Antedeluvian Icon.jpg
Titan Profile: Gareon
Attack 1
Defense 3
Type Yama-Titan Scout
Size Small
Special Ability Limited Invisibility
Gareon Icon.jpg
Titan Profile: Icarus
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Krono-Titan Sharpshooter
Size Average
Special Ability Flight
Blinding Bolts
Icarus Icon.jpg