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Holotome Profile: Thornment
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Hecto-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 8 feet 9 inches
Weight 220 pounds
Special Ability Vine Strike
Series Information
Users Rassimov
First Appearance "Memory Lane"

Thornment, one of several mummy-like Hecto-Titans, inspired the mythology of ancient Egypt. Within her wraps, Thornment is a mass of living, thorny vines, which she is able to expertly control as extensions of her own being. Whether whipping, slicing, tying, or tripping, Thornment is a powerful foe. One Thornment was the primary Titan of Rassimov.


Thornment was a powerful Titan used by ancient Egyptian pharaohs. To her enemies, Thornment was a deadly foe as hidden within her linen wraps was a mass of living, purple, thorny vines.

Rassimov's Thornment

Rassimov possessed a Thornment Amulet and used this Titan in his missions for the Organization against the Huntik Foundation. source?

In the Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot, Rassimov used Thornment to save Dante Vale from some Ghost Traps. Later on, Thornment fought and defeated Lok Lambert's Hoplite. S1E18

While searching for the Legendary Titan of Body, Behemoth, Thornment was invoked alongside Kopesh to attack Dante's Caliban. Thornment was defeated when Caliban swung her into Kopesh. S1E19

At the Temple of Poseidon, Thornment attacked Caliban but was overpowered and defeated. S1E20 Rassimov later invoked Thornment in Atlantis alongside Kopesh to attack Lok's Lindorm. Thornment attacked Baselaird with her vines but, after being dragged into the crossfire, was defeated by a misfired Hopeshatter blast from Rassimov. S1E21

Thornment fought and defeated Caliban in the Professor's castle. She chased Dante but was defeated by Dante's Touchram power. S1E25

Rassimov used Thornment to entangle one of Klaus' Suits at the Tomb of Nefertiti while searching for the Necklace of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. Later, Thornment's bond with Rassimov was broken by Dante Vale's Sorrowbond spell, and her Amulet was taken into custody by Huntik Foundation agents. S2E47

Rahman's Thornment

Rahman invoked a Thornment Titan to fight and defeat Lok's Freelancer while searching for the Amulet of Cerberus. Sophie Casterwill's Sabriel then attacked and defeated Thornment by throwing a sword at her. HM#14


Thornment has the ability to slice, grab, coil, whip, stab and trip enemies with her thorny vines. This makes her a dangerous enemy and useful for setting up ambushes. She has been seen fighting power houses like Caliban and Sabriel and even outmatched them on some occasions.


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  • Thornment's summoning command is "Break his spirit."
  • Her name is derived from the English words thorn and torment.