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Holotome Profile: Thoughtspecter
S1E20 Thoughtspecter
Spell Information
Aura Pink
Class Illusory
Series Information
Users Zhalia Moon
First Appearance Like Father, Unlike Son

Thoughtspecter is a spell that allows the caster to create illusions to use against the enemy. These illusions can range from covering an escape to replicating whole Titans. This function is incredibly similar to the illusory abilities of Madea.


For years, a power akin to Thoughtspecter had been used by the Professor to hide his curse for disturbing the Ring of Araknos without the Amulet of Will. S1E25

Zhalia Moon attained the power from a tablet on Madea Island. S1E11 She first used the spell on Sutos Island to create a clone of Lindorm so that the raging Titan could be uninvoked by Lok Lambert. S1E12

In the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, Thoughtspecter was used by Zhalia to escape from Klaus's forces by masking their escape with an illusion of a sandstorm. S1E14 When later investigating the Castle of Vlad Dracul, Thoughtspecter was used by Zhalia to create a duplicate of herself during her battle with Sophie Casterwill under Klaus' direction. S1E17

When Zhalia denounced her ties to the Organization, she used Thoughtspecter, after setting her apartment to explode, in order to appear invisible for her escape. S1E20 In the desert, after Zhalia had been taken captive by the Professor, she used an illusory spell with a yellow aura, presumed by the Professor to be Thoughtspecter, to permit herself and Dante Vale's team to escape. S1E23

Following the fall of the Professor, Thoughtspecter was used by Zhalia to create decoys of the team in order to evade Targetfind. S2E28

At the Casterwill Library in Paris, France, Thoughtspecter was used by Zhalia to conceal her Kilthane, Gar-Ghoul, and King Basilisk Titans to gain an upper hand against Lucas Casterwill, Lane, and Dellix. S2E31

On Medusa's Island, Thoughtspecter was used by Zhalia so the team could retreat from the Blood Spiral with Medusa's Amulet. S2E35


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