• Hi Seekers,

    The legendary Saga card set is completed. We used good and bad images for this, there are image with a bad quality, too small images, image's with a incorrect language (like TCG cards), images that arn't complete and artickles that doesn't have an image at all.

    Maybe we can make a template for this???

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    • I could probably rig something up fairly easily. I've got a few questions that might help in guiding the template making:

      1. Would it be on the TCG Page or the image page?
      2. Would the template be for both bad images and missing images?
      3. Are you thinking something like the {{stub}} (etc.) template or something else?
      4. If so, any idea on a good image (Huntik or otherwise)?

      Within such a template, I could get it to categorize the page under the Replacement image needed category.

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    • Hi Lhikan,

      1. I think on the image page, as the image is bad, maybe also on the TCG/artickle page. If an image is missing, It should always be at the TCG/artickle page of course.

      2. No, I think that a bad image template and a missing template is more handy

      3. Somewhat like the stub template, It would be the best to have an template like this: {{Badimage|reason why image need to be replaced (small, bad quality etc)}} and a missing image something like: {{Missingimage}}

      4. You a bad image for the template? I don't know, maybe one of the images from this Forum? And the placeholder person for the missing template

      If there is an image missing This category should be used

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    • and maybe also: images need to be transparent

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    • I've got a test for a bad TCG image template up at {{Badimage}}. I made a tentative image as a simplified version of a spell card. See what you think. I can get up a no TCG image template up in a similar formatĀ : )

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    • Great! Though, this is only based at TCG, it are not only TCG cards that are bad...

      File:Efreet King.png

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    • A FANDOM user
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