• This topic is to discuss possible changes to the Huntik Wiki theme, basic layout, and background.

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    • After a bit of work, I have developed a possible alternative to the current background (File:Background.png, version as of 04:24, May 16, 2013). I have applied a test version on the [[w:c:huntik-fanon:Huntik_Fanon_Wiki|Huntik Fanon Wiki to ensure that the finished version will upload properly. The image is a tile of the icons of 36 Titans in the color scheme of the Holotome.

      On a related note, I am considering updating the layout colors as well. The blue seems to be a bit off of Huntik colors (as it was chosen a bit hurriedly as an interim over a year back), so I'm wondering what would work best. I've considered something green or brown to mimic Holotome colors. Also, if the background color is changed, would (dark background color, white text) or (light background, black text) work better for anyone?

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    • Appears to be better than the current one. Though, what is that titan between Kopesh and Arc?


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    • It's a mystery. That symbol appears on the Huntik Tin, but I can't find a matching Titan on Silverware's Titan sheet. It's possible that it might be for a Titan that only appeared in the TCG…

      (Random fact: If I did things correctly, every icon on the Tin should be on this background)

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    • I seems to be likely a litho-titan...

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    • Yup, my first guess would have been Mason (TCG:LGS-037), but the icon on his card looks like his head.

      Oh, I've done some potential theme changes on the Huntik Fanon Wiki to experiment a bit with colors (Doing so over there would give a bit of a safer look at if any template colors / text colors would need to be changed as well).

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    • Funny I thought Mason too.

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    • Though close, it isn't Stone Sage (OAL-046) either.

      If we're ready and set, I can work on the Layout / Background update at some point this week as a break from finishing up the TCG redirects. – Of note, there's been a lot done on the OAL set in particular since the initial transition! : D

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    • OK, I give a bit of a correction. As Seeker11299 is in the process of uploading a ton of higher-quality Titan icons, I might wait for a bit and update the file with some of the higher-quality images. The actual file would remain the same size, but it would increase some of the resolution / accuracy on some icons (as it's easier for quality to scale down a high-res image than to scale up a lower-res image).

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    • I've transitioned the site color to a gray since the blue wasn't really all that "Huntik" in appearance. The gray will be less likely to obscure the colors.

      I'll definitely update the proposed background image with clearer icons for Arc and Raijin. I might just shrink the entire image to the display size within the post above instead of working with a lot of individual icons.

      Also, would anyone be in favor of using "Holotome green" for the link colors? As tested on the Spanish Huntik WIki, it will display with the dark gray background, but might require re-coloring the proposed image (which would be decently easy).

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    • whats with the transparent centre

      it was better before!

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    • Transparent center? I'm not sure I'm seeing what you mean.

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    • Look you can see the background behind the centre (File:Translucent centre.jpg)

      Admin edit: Image has been removed to conserve space for Huntik images

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    • If you mean the background color being transparent, that's how it's always been, though the color over the BG used to be blue.

      I've got a live version of the Holotome icons mentioned above. I've optimized the size of the icons and spaced them out so they won't seem cluttered. (Transparency can be adjusted if / as needed.)

      I've additionally updated the Wiki's wordmark slightly so the "Huntik Wiki" image is a truer red.

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    • yeah, by the way, the background is awsome!!!!

      all i suggest is taking out the unknown icon and replacing it and extend it by putting some season 2 icons like powerbonded icons.

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    • This really works :) Nice job Lhikan!

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    • Thanks guys : ) I tried to pick a decently diverse group of icons. I was a bit limited on Season 2 icons due to quality. Photoshop can do a lot for resizing, but it has its limits.

      • 1 Legendary Titan from each season, plus Overlos
      • 17 from the Foundation (1 Season 2)
      • 9 from the Organization (2 from Season 2)
      • 1 from the Blood Spiral
      • 6 from the cards
      • 1 from the Tin, unknown
      Huntik Tin

      As I based this design on the Huntik Tin, I think it important to include the mysterious icon. I did try to exclude Powerbonded Titans since

      I just noticed, though, that I accidentally excluded icons for Belladona, Sabriel, and Cavalier in my redo. I could only include them if I add another 2 rows or 2 columns, though.

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    • maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you did add some more rows or collumns.

      but otherwise i think the background is brilliant! 

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