• Hey all. The Huntik Wiki's come a long way since our beginnings in 2009. We've added (and nearly completed) a TCG section; seen the addition of new Admins; updated templates and policies; and added the {{source}} template. With this progress, I can definitely say I look forward to what the future will bring to the Huntik Wiki.
    (tl;rd: Yay for progress)

    One thing that has been brought up more in passing is how to handle references within Infoboxes. Currently, the main practice is to handle that via edit summary, but it also seems that a handful of editors do not read those at all. One possibility would be using the numbered <ref> tags to display the source inside the infobox as a bracketed number and to show the full reference under a References section. Another alternative would be a refined version of the {{references}} template. I'd be up for either of those and am open to any additional suggestions.

    Another question regards alternate stats for Titans that appeared in the TCG. I think this might should be mentioned in some form on the article as that might be a bit clearer as a while. One possibility would be to incorporate an additional section of the article, such as near the Abilities section, for Alternate Stats. Such a section could be a table with the different ATK / DEF information and a link to the card page. What do y'all think about that or something similar?

    By the way, a bit of heads-up that I will be away from internet connection for a week beginning tomorrow (5 / 25 / 2013).

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    • I have a question, how did you make the voting system on the page which Nitram made about admin nomination?

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    • You can add a poll by using the following code:

      Title of poll
      Choice 1
      Choice 2
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    • thanks!

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    • I've developed a potential template for Infobox references that I'd like to pass by y'all. As a potential means of creating a link that can be easily distinguished from the Infobox entry, I've created the {{ref|<source>}} template. Because the image is formatted to the right, the reference won't just blend in with the text as with the standard <ref> tags. To see it at work, check out my sandbox.

      This template is also decently flexible in what can be done with it if we implement it on the Huntik Wiki.

      • For the links, we can either use the actual title or the "Episode ##" format as it is.
      • Potentially, we could apply #SWITCH to the template to link directly to to the episode using the S#E##, Episode ##, or ## (where ## is episode number and # is season number).
      • I went with a decently-simple icon for the image, but this could be easily modified.
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    • It's a very smart template and I really like it. I like the #SWITCH idea  and the form of S#E##. My only possible worry is that the infobox might grow to be pretty long but I'm sure that's nothing big :) .

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    • Thanks a bunch : D I think it might be a bit easier to work with than the earlier {{references}} template.

      I haven't done much at all with #SWITCH yet myself, so I'll probably /Sandbox it first. The ability to use the S#E## format would definitely cut down on text-wall effects, but I have no idea if it will still work normally for something that isn't in the #SWITCH, such as a merchandise-based link.

      The coding would be more of a length issue than anything else (either variant). To be honest, though, it would be less coding than the standard <ref> tags that a lot of other wikis use for Inboboxes.

      The main area this could get iffy on would be Users. Probably around the time it passes 3-5 users, though, it really needs to be its own bulleted section instead of an Infobox blurb (like all users of Raypulse). Although… if users are covered in the History section, would we want to double-up here? At least currently, the image size is going to run into issues starting at about the third or fourth entry in the same cell. I've experimented with scaling down a bit, but even 8px (versus the current 12px) is on the large size, but the resolution is completely shot by that point, and it just looks like a strange green arrow.

      Which brings up a bit of a side issue… what about citations for bulleted lists? I recall a number of minor edit wars over spell users in particular, and citing the whole first-time used thing will be very tedious. Would we want to just use the current {{source}} template there to keep it the standard for article text, or do something else. I think, just as a whole, having too many similar-use templates can get really confusing to editors as to when what is used.

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    • Another possibility, which might be easier, would be to include the statistic information in the Abilities and Powerbonding sections directly. Doing this, each article could include the statistics with a direct citation to where the info originated (i.e. Madea). Doing so would eliminate the need to add this to an Infobox and, more properly, turn the Infobox into a summary of article data.

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    • That sounds like a better idea :) I think it could work well

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    • Probably the main thing is transitioning articles that way. The Titan Stat database has a fair deal of compiled info but also lacks a lot. So this might end up being a bit of research as well to get two birds with one stone, so to speak.

      I'm also wondering if having something cited in the article will help prevent the random stat changing that goes on frequently (I just dealt with some of that on the Spanish wiki).

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