• For some background, a lot of information added to the Huntik Wiki during 2009 was plagiarized (copied verbatim) from This situation poses some problems as well as some opportunities.

    In an effort to uphold the quality (and legality) of our articles, the Huntik Wiki must require that all plagiarized sections be re-written. For the purpose of definition, "rewritten" does NOT simply mean taking words and looking them up in a thesaurus. The whole plagiarized section must be rewritten from scratch. Of note, many of the final copies of Titan design history likely only need to be a single paragraph and would not need to be as long as the current sections.

    However, having the actual information also grants the opportunity to expand the Huntik Wiki's archive of the original English website, the content of which is no longer available. I must emphasize that this archive is presented here purely for archival and reference purposes and helps prevent plagiarism on actual articles.

    So, the question of all questions: What all would be involved? Probably the easiest may would be tackling it article by article by first copying the Design History information onto the Files page in the format of the Riderless Chariot and then rewriting the section on the Titan's article. If this is done by multiple users, it will make this project be easier (and hopefully allow me to tie up a few loose ends on an older project here). I've gone through content on the Huntik Wiki to find articles that include Design History sections. All of these were originally copied from I've noted how many sections are involved as well.

    Design Histories

    Other Information

    • Gawain (History, ver. December 28, 2012)
    • Venadek (original article)
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    • I've finished adding all the content of their design hitories. We juat need to add the galleries. I think we should also be putting any original titan info on the secret files as well.

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    • Alright, it looks like all of the design art galleries updated. There were a number, though, that were released which I can no longer seem to find on the Huntik Wiki. also has a list of what codes unlocked what info. Included is concept art, Titan info, storyboards, and more.

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    • Yeah, I certainly remember Baselaird, Overlos and Jirwolf having some concept art. does seem to be our best option since it did copy whatever had. 

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    • Indeed. It's not too good on copyright / plagiarism, but it does make for easier references. I do recall something for Baselaird, but I'm not sure on the others.

      And I know we had some concept art for Fire Kappa somewhere… I'm just hoping that wasn't one of the files that were removed by Wikia since a lot of the original files had no form of licensing info. I've tried to do a Google search but haven't had much luck yet.

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    • Hmm. I can remember Fire Kappa having some.  I was just wondering if we had any for Akamaru. I thought we had a page for him already but it doesn't seem so.

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    • I'm currently finding a few links to the old site that may have been the source of some of the info on the pages. The problem is that even the Wayback Machine doesn't work without an old account. I don't suppose anyone had one or otherwise has info from these pages?

      Janus Knight

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    • A FANDOM user
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