• Wikia recently has added a section known as Parent Pages. These pages are designed to give parents an overview of shows and content information in order to determine if shows are appropriate for their kiddos' ages and rearing. These Parent Pages then will have links on the main Wikia site for easy access and comparison.

    To add to those wikis including a Parent Page, I have posted a quick draft for Huntik over at Huntik Wiki:ParentPage. When possible, I intend to add a section for parents of teenage editors and other general info about the wiki (including a link to our Help hub). One possibility includes brief info about the active admins, but what all should be included for Huntik Wiki information is still up in the air.

    In association with this update, the Community section of the Wiki Navigation has been updated. In addition to including a Parents link to the Parent Page, I've re-arranged info into Projects and Blog as well as added a Forum section (all 3 are drop-down menus with the most relevant information).

    If there's anything that should be added or seems off about the series information, please let me know. If there are comments or suggestions about adding Huntik Wiki information, please also feel free to post.

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    • This seems like a really cool idea! I think maybe outlining key sections of the wiki's data and maybe a small history of it's growth in accuracy and content including when users were made admins?

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    • I might be able to include a brief description on there, yeah. I'll probably also link to the policy section as that might be useful.

      Probably one thing to double-check would be if there's anything else that should be under the similar shows part. I included both some popular and some lesser-known shows off the top of my head.

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    • Oh, I also need a bit of info regarding the comics for that part.

      Actually, looks like I don't at this point. I see no official template on w:c:Help:Parent_Filter_templates for comics and literature at this point. If there's nothing really different (content-wise), then there really wouldn't be a need anyways.

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    • Alright, I've updated the Parent Page. I've added a section about the wiki, itself, with a policy overview and links to the individual policies. Feel free to take a look at what's currently up.

      I also have a section about the admins. Currently, I mainly have stuff about when each of us was added. If you or Quilafa would like some more added, y'all are free to put something more together or to say what you want added.

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    • sounds good to me

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    • A FANDOM user
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