• Lhikan634 contacted me here, I just wanted to move the discussion here.

    I'd be happy to do bot work. I've managed to get AutoWikiBrowser installed on my Mac through Wine so I should be able to do anything. I just need to know what needs to be done, and I'll get right on it!

    Of course, bot rights need to be taken care of, so we can have that as a duel discussion here.

    Is anyone against having Trackers Interface Bot (my bot) getting bot rights on this wiki to perform maintenance as dictated by the admins?

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    • I'll highlight the discussion and pass the info to the other admins as time permits.

      Just to keep things official for staff, I'll also confirm my approval here (as I've been too busy to figure out how to get everything properly installed and run from my end).

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    • The other admins haven't been online for a few days, but I wouldn't think they'd have any issue. I've left messages on their talk pages for whenever they log in for discussion of what would be involved.

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    • Maybe a bot can be used to make the interwiki's?

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    • That would be one possible application. Most of the Italian pages are the same as English pages. The Spanish wiki has a few that are different. NL only has a few pages (and fewer that are in the relevant language). PL has a lot of pages that are different to the English names.

      Probably one of the main things would be creating a list / table? We'd only need interwiki links on pages that are the same subject (which takes out the whole TCG namespace as I think we're the only wiki that has card pages).

      With Interwiki links, I really wouldn't require a bot flag on the Spanish or Italian wikis since there's even less activity than the MNW. The Polish wiki might already have a bot operator who could add interwiki links.

      One thing I was thinking as well… It probably would be more grammatically correct to switch the "Spells Used" and "Titans Bonded" sections to just "Spells" and "Titans" with bot work. I always found the current to be a bit awkward.

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    • Another whole issue are spells (see Thread:18076 - Spell Infobox and Categorization). Once a consensus is made, a lot of this would be easiest to do with the use of a bot.

      Something else (possibly simpler) would be making sure that all occurrences of Seeker, Titan, Amulet, etc. are capitalized.

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    • Current proposal: TCG section overhaul (page and redirect names)

      As the TCG section has progressed quite a ways since the beginning of the TCG project of 2012, it has come to my attention that we may need to re-think the current system. In searching through Special:ListRedirects, I've found that we have some number over 1000 redirects (which is overkill since we have just over 2000 articles).

      The initial system of about 4 redirects per page was designed to make certain that TCG pages could be found whether an individual searches by ID number or by name. The system works, but it could be made to be much sleeker while retaining functionality.

      Current Format
      • Character name: full card name (redirect)
      • Character name: full card name TCG (redirect)
      • TCG:Character name: full card name (redirect)
      • ID-### (redirect)
      • TCG:ID-### (article)
      Proposed Format
      • TCG:Character name - full card name (redirect - permits searches by name)
      • ID-### (article)
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    • A FANDOM user
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