• To anyone who has a good understanding of Italian: I'm trying to go through some Italian episodes for profile info and have run into a few snags.

    For Sabriel's profile (episode 3, «Il Golem di Praga»), the audio isn't too clear for the last word. The English dub states "Unaffected by injury" for reference. If anyone is able to find and check the audio (or if there are subtitles), can you tell if one of these is the proper word choice?

    • Non soggetto alle perite –Not subject to perish (using the n. fpl. form of the verb perire)
    • Non soggetto alle perdite – Not subject to losses)
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    • Presuming the accent is textbook, and using the English translation to parallel, I'm fairly sure I'm hearing perite. This would be using similar grammar to Spanish in that a verb can be used as an equivalent-root noun (i.e. Leer es divertido - Reading is fun).

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