• Hey guys,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have quite a few ideas and suggestions which I wanted to pass with you.

    I think it would be a good idea if we had pages for the season title sequences and same goes for end credits. I have here a basic example of the sort of pages I'm thinking about. We can list the characters, Titans and episodes which are features and can also go into detail about the unique footage and test animation used: User:Seeker11299/Sandbox3. It's just a starter...

    I  think we should have individual pages for each season again. I recall that we made the descision to replace the pages with categories as they had just become messy and inconviniently laid out with unorganised sections. Every series wiki I've come across has individual pages for different seasons and I think that if we took a different approach to these pages this time, they could be very useful for people to learn more about the different seasons in extensive detail. We'll still have categories but pages for individual seasons can clarify many more things such as airing, international presence and merchandise. Here's an idea: User:Seeker11299/Sandbox4

    Please tell me what you guys think and feel free to suggest any improvements!


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    • As far as title sequences, I don't know many wikis that have pages for those. The title themes tend to get mentioned on series or season pages. As far as I recall, the intro themes are used for a whole season, so an episode list would be a bit redundant.

      Key credits appearing in the ending theme should appear in the episode Infobox. Most of that part just never got modified from the default template.

      As far as pages for the seasons, I'd also considered re-introducing them with some major modification from the past. Most wikis I've seen use a template similar to what's used for wikipedia episode lists.

      My idea uses a similar article layout to what you have with some differences:

      • Intro section - Real world and production information
      • Title theme - Include info on "Huntik Go!" and maybe a link to an appearance page instead of a mention under trivia
      • Plot - General season full-season overview
      • Episodes - Table with episode number, image (left, spanning 2 rows - color coded by season?), air date, episode, title and number (top header), and the synopsis (bottom/body)
      • Cast - Probably my only change would be using the ; headers to avoid subsections in the ToC and maybe generalizing UK/US as English
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    • For the title sequence page I was thinking it as separate from 'Huntik Go' which is just the audio :) the episodes section on the title sequence page refers to episodes that the clips are from. 

      For the season page, I'm liking the idea of a that table for the episodes :) I think a season infobox would be good too with stuff like the directors and producers. 

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    • Let me see if I can engineer something for an ep listing.

      EDIT: Check out {{Eplist}}.

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    • Nice! Do you think it would better if it was a different colour for Season 2 or does it not matter?

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    • Color can easily be modified, I currently have it set just so it's different (current has palegreen and goldenrod ).

      One thing, this template will work best with synopses of 4 lines or so. In the long run, this also should be useful for making sure that the Synopsis section on articles truly is a synopsis and not just an early draft of the plot.

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