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Holotome Profile: Tolivane
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Gaia-Titan Scout
Size Small
Height 4 feet
Weight 70 pounds
Special Ability Inspiration
Combat Amp
Series Information
Users Dante Vale (formerly)
Charlene Hubbs
First Appearance "Two Powers Become One"

Tolivane are small, fairy-like Titans somewhat resembling moles. Although their base stats are relatively low, their "Defense" ability allows them to survive attacks which would normally send them back to their Amulets.


Tolivane were strange fairy-like creatures of European folklore that were helpful to good people and wicked when serving evil folk.

Montehue's Tolivane

A Tolivane Amulet was once in the possession of Dante Vale and was given to Montehue in their youth. S1E08

Tolivane was invoked by Montehue in the Temple of Thor to hold off the Guardians of Thor in order to allow Montuehue and Dante time to utilize Mjolnir to defeat Ymir. S1E08

In Ethiopia, Tolivane was invoked to defend Montehue against Ashtoreth. Later, inside King Solomon's mines, Tolivane was invoked to defend against the the Organization's forces. After absorbing a Suit's Poisonfang attack, Tolivane was defeated by Rassimov's Kopesh. S1E23

Hubbs' Tolivane

Another Tolivane Amulet is in the possession of a Suit named Charlene Hubbs. She used her Tolivane to obtain food at a restaurant, thus frightening the other customers. OAL-066


Tolivane is able to roll and bounce like a ball at top speed. Also, Tolivane can withstand a certain number of attacks before he returns to his amulet. Montehue calls this his "Defense" ability.


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  • Tolivane's summoning commands are "Get out there" and "Come on".