Holotome Profile: Tomb of Hernán Cortés
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Location Information
Type Tomb
Location Baja California, Mexico
Series Information
Inhabitants Conquistador
First Appearance "Gremlow Infestation!"
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The tomb of Hernán Cortés is located in Baja California, Mexico, in a cavern beneath the Sea of Cortés.


Hernán Cortés' tomb was guarded by a protective barrier a massive Titan, Conquistador, which protected a massive treasure trove and the Ring of one of the Legendary Titans, Umbra. Filled with traps, this tomb was both the object of the Huntik Foundation and Organization teams.

Dante Vale explored the tomb alone while his team went after the pipe of the Pied Piper. S2E41 His team later entered the tomb using the pipe, but were cornered by the Organization. After racing to the top of a pillar, Dante Vale and Wilder fought for the Ring. Faced with the test to choose the real Ring from a ring of fakes, Dante Vale found the correct Ring with some help from Kaioh the Tracker. Dante bonded with Umbra, and, using Umbra's ability to teleport, the team escaped Conquistador. S2E42

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