A Tome combines technology and the magical secrets of the Huntik world. Essentially, it is a computer that displays information using a holographic 3-D display that works on voice commands. It also is capable of producing a physical card.

Tomes can store information on all known Titans, as well unknown Titans and their abilities, the information of which can be displayed in the form of a card. Additionally, it can send and receive e-mail as well as browse the internet. A tome is capable of communicating with other tomes or similar devices, showing a hologram of the communicating person's face. This is how missions are generally received and transmitted. Tomes' rendering of an area in state-of-the-art 3-D holographic imaging brings to life otherwise unseen or poorly visible places, but with a limited range. They are also used as a display when short and long range tracking devices are used.

Tomes are the key to the success of all master Seekers, even evil ones. They are themed according to their owner's faction.

Types of Tomes


  • The word "tome" refers to a book or volume of a work.
  • At the beginning of each episode following the first, a Holotome is displayed during the recap of the previous episode.
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