Holotome Profile: Trapfeaster
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 2
Type Swara-Titan Scout
Size Small
Height 4 feet 2 inches
Weight 310 pounds
Special Ability Defuse Traps
Series Information
Users The Professor
First Appearance "To Be Together"
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Trapfeaster deals with pesky traps and inconveniences in his own special way by eating them, unlike many trap-detecting Titans who simply alert their Seekers to the danger. He's as happy swallowing an arrow meant for his Seeker as he is sucking the magic out of a cursed doorknob.


Trapfeaster was used by the Professor in King Solomon's mines alongside Goblin Brownie to help deactivate the traps that were being aimed at the Professor. This Titan managed to eat the arrows that were released before triggering another trap, which Goblin Brownie quickly defused. S1E23


Trapfeaster can eats projectiles that are released from traps, shielding its Seeker from these ranged attacks. S1E23 He is also capable of directly consuming curses and other enchantments by simply sucking them up.


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