Mission: Uncover the Location of Void
S2E31 Uncover the Location of Void Mission
Mission Information
City Prague, Czech Republic
Location Golem's Attic
Road of Alchemists
Objectives Retrieve it from an Organization safehouse
Series Information
Members Dante Vale
Lok Lambert
Sophie Casterwill
Zhalia Moon
Episode "Chasing Void"
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The Uncover the Location of Void was a mission led by Sophie Casterwill and Lok Lambert, aided by Zhalia Moon and Dante Vale, to prove themselves to Lucas Casterwill. They acheived the mission by breaking into the Organization safehouse on the Road of Alchemists and, after being taken prisoner, tricking Wilder into revealing the location of Void at Klaus' bookshop. Lok, Sophie and Cherit were then rescued by Dante, Zhalia and Lucas' team whilst being transported away to HQ by Stack. S2E31
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