aka D. Eriksson

  • I live in a nutshell
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is probably being an editor
  • I am probably genderless

See my profile on Ojamajo Doremi Wiki (or just look up on Google "Pureleine Computer", it should be the first one there for Ojamajo Doremi Wiki), because there's several other Ojamajo Doremi Wikis.

Okay, I've decided to create a new profile COMPLETELY dedicated to this wiki. Sadly, I'm not extremely perfect when it comes to Editing tools, so this profile is going to come off kind of...lets say "dirty".

My favorite pages

- Category: Titans

- Nordrake (so cool)

My favorite titans

- Nordrake

- Enfluxion ("go with the flow")

- Umbra ('growl')

- Kaioh the Tracker

- Shadow Agent

My favorite characters

- Zhalia Moon

Italian words I'm learning so far...

I'm trying to "learn" Italian for certain reasons: one, I want to understand this website with information for Ojamajo Doremi Wiki, and two, so I can fully understand season two episodes of Huntik on Youtube. Hopefully, I'll learn it in time, I speak French, maybe I could understand a little. Here's some words, I'm trying to make some kind of translate dictionary:

C: Ceneri (ashes), Cercatori (seekers), Contro (against)

D: D'accordo (Okay), Della (of the), Di (of)

G: Guerra (war)

I: Il (the)

L: La (the)

M: Missione (mission)

N: Nuovi (new)

P: Pesce (fish), Pizze (pizza), Potere (power)

R: Returna (return), Ricerca (research)

S: Sangue (blood), Sole (sun), Spirale (spiral)

T: Tempio (temple), Torre (tower)

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